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on the LandWright Investment Platform

Trade shares in individual properties for as little as $100

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Commercial real estate was

once the land of institutions.

Now it can be a more liquid asset.

Invest only in individual properties you choose


Start a portfolio with as little as $100


Access a mix of property types, tenants, and locations*


Buy and sell your interest on our proprietary platform


Access standardized financial reports to make informed buy/hold/sell decisions

Investment Management

View property and market data that is verified, standardized, and centralized


Use LandWright's collection of sector and market research to inform your investments

Centralized Research

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Research investable properties

Once you create an account you will have access to all of LandWright's research, investment, and management features. Browse properties in IPO stage or that are already publicly listed



Real estate investing made simple

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Purchase shares in

individual properties

Invest in available property on the exchange for as little as $100.


Earn property rental income

Capture current income through quarterly dividends, and tax benefits through qualified income deductions and depreciation claims



Demonstration purposes only
Demonstration purposes only

Buy & sell your shares on the LandWright platform

Use the LandWright Platform to sell some or all of your shares in a property. Property appreciation or depreciation are captured in the share price.



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