Gain liquidity without losing control on the real estate stock exchange™

Complete an Initial Property Offering (IPO)™ of a partial equity interest

Access institutional and retail capital to maximize value

Sell a partial equity interest without sacrificing control or value

Obtain partial liquidity without suffering deep discounts due to improved transparency and trade facilitation

Fair Market Value

Realize proceeds from the sale of a partial ownership interest in your property, and better manage your balance sheet and risk


Maintain operating control and management contracts while freeing up capital

Retain Control

Gain access to LandWright's broad network of institutional, family-office, and retail capital to maximize value

Efficient Execution

Leverage LandWright's streamlined registration and compliance services and purpose-built systems to issue Regulation A securities

White-Glove Service

List shares in your property on an SEC & FINRA registered Alternative Trading System (ATS)
(Pending regulatory approval)

Fully Registered

How it works

Benefit from LandWright's purpose-built Securities as a Service™ offering that simplifies and streamlines the listing process for real estate owners

We are committed to making securitization effortless and more accessible


Securitization Team

We hold your hand through the IPO process, converting a partial equity ownership into registered shares


Trading Platform

The LandWright platform facilitates the buying and selling of listed equity without owner involvement


Ongoing Compliance

Our white-glove service doesn't stop at IPO. We help you effortlessly maintain registration while maintaining control


Flexibility to Sell

Retain the flexibility to sell your property at any time. Or, conduct another offering to gain additional liquidity

Get Started

Begin listing your property today.

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